Professional assistance for revising and support in all school subjects.


Business Voice is able to take advantage of its acquired experience in the field of organisation of language courses, and has decided to offer students, and all those who feel the need, scholastic assistance and revision to make up for any school subject, and therefore not just those related to languages. The market demand for this type of service is more and more important and demanding, and for this reason Business Voice has responded with professionalism and the maximum level of skills, making available to users of all ages and profiles a complete and guaranteed personalised service, with the objective of reaching the maximum results in every learning and training environment. We offer lessons held by professionals on the basis of the subjects requested, for any level of scholastic profile (scientific, humanistic and technical). For example, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Italian, Latin, Greek, Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Philosophy and Geographic History, Philosophy, Corporate Law, Electronics and Technology, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, Psychology, Pedagogy, Technical design, History of Art, bookkeeping, building estimates, mechanical systems, construction, topography and any other subject.