Courses for children/teenager


Lessons for children and teenagers, individually or as part of a group.


Courses for children aged 3 to 6. Our school has recreated a safe and highly specialised environment with the atmosphere of a “nursery”, where children are stimulated to learn their first words and the correct accent through recreational activities. Followed constantly by teachers with proven track records and experience working with infants, the children play, draw, sing, listen to fables and acquire familiarity with the English languages. Organised into small groups of 6-8 pupils, the youngest study on the basis of their natural learning rhythms.

Primary school

Courses for children aged 6 to 11. For children who attend primary school, Business Voice has established English language courses whose study paths are strictly linked to play, amusement and the active involvement of the pupil. Our teachers encourage the children to participate in group activities that favour, in addition to socialisation, the acquisition of new linguistic abilities and, more in general, the evolution of concrete operational thought processes. Lessons are conducted in a friendly and relaxing manner, leaving ample space for drama, acting and the exploration of all the techniques of expression.


Courses for children aged 12 to 17. English lessons for middle and high school students tend to be rather traditional and not always adapted to developing a certain level of linguistic competence. Maintaining the active interest and commitment of the children to the study of English is therefore the objective of our efforts. The availability of our teachers permits the children to develop the study of English with great ease. Lending special attention to the spoken language, counting upon continuous and constant contact with the teacher and integrating lessons with modern audio-visual support are all fundamental aspects of our teaching methods.

Children One to one courses

Highly personalised learning programmes (also aimed at obtaining International certificates)

• Timetables and deadlines of the lessons may be programmed on a case by case basis
• Special in-depth lessons are offered
• Possibility of home-based lessons


Courses via Skype

Business Voice offers lessons via Skype for those who want to learn a foreign language at ease in their own office, while travelling or at home.
Our school provides:

• Qualified and experienced teachers
• Lessons customized and adapted to the student's needs
• Time flexibility
• Possibility to move or postpone classes depending on the student's schedule
• Digital material

Study vacations abroad

Business Voice organises study trips abroad for periods of 2-3 weeks (during the months of June, July and August), and in other months if requested. The best schools are selected, based on the quality of their services offered. Lodging is provided at selected English families or in a college.


Intensive summer courses in Italy

Learning English or German while playing and integrating language instruction with fun is one of the principal aims of our intensive courses. The purpose of these is to offer the same opportunities of a full immersion course abroad.