Cambridge /IELTS/Trinity Certifications


What do you need a language certificate for? To certify your level of English in general or for a more specific purpose, for example to study and/or work abroad?

Let's start by explaining that the European Council has created a system for assigning a certified level of language knowledge by adopting a criterion, recognized worldwide and for all languages, which is called CEFR or Common European Framework of Reference which has 6 levels starting from A1: elementary to the top C2: competent.

For the assignment of the relative levels of knowledge, exams/tests are carried out which can be proposed either for a specific level which, once passed, will certify the level reached (CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH), or, Multi-level i.e. an equal test for all regardless of the level of linguistic knowledge which at the end gives a score based on the type of exam (IELTS -TRINITY).

At Business Voice, all the language courses offered are carried out following methods that enable one to pass the exams that certify one’s language level.

Clearly, once you decide which certification exam you want to take, you will need to be aware that the preparation for the exam requires an investment of your time to work on your language knowledge and the techniques of the exams in order to familiarize with them and to have a good chance of success.

Business Voice acts as a preparation centre for the English language exams of the following exams/Tests: CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH, IELTS, TRINITY.

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