Business courses


Specialisation, flexibility and customisation made to measure for your business.

Customised language courses

Business Voice offers personalised language courses. Every course is constructed according to the needs of each single customer or company, offering the greatest flexibility in the choice of topics, learning tools and timetables.

• Programme calibrated the customer's need
• Flexibility in the method and learning organisation
• Customised courses for companies and professional staff
• Modular timetable
• High level professional trainers
• Specialised native language staff
• Search for possible financing

Learning objective

The Business Voice course programme is always a personalised strategy, which varies according to the level, the needs and the learning speed of the student. Teaching, which ’must be as fast as it is natural, must guarantee independence and fluidity in oral expression in all contexts, for daily conversations or business presentations, for interviews, meetings or for a vacation. For this the tools used to increase and reinforce the student's knowledge (are made available freely for our students to use without charge), including the learning materials selected by Business Voice professionals - multimedia tools to improve listening, fluency of expression. Books, VHS, CD and films in their original language.

Quality certificate

At the end of every course, upon request, Business Voice issues a Quality Certificate, that can be used on one's and that contains following information: :

• Level reached
• Technical linguistic qualification
• Attendance
• Teacher report